ocular oximetry

insight through light


What if we could prevent vision loss?

Failure to detect ocular diseases early-on has a significant impact on the health of patients, treatment outcomes, health care costs and quality of life.

Early detection is key, but to enable it, eye-care professionals must be equipped with the proper tools. As oxygen regulation is linked to major ocular diseases, oxygen saturation can be tracked and measured as an early biomarker, helping prevent their progression.

Ratio of undiagnosed diseases in industrialized countries

That’s where our solution
comes into play

The idea

Using light to provide crucial information on the health of ocular tissues and the processes involved in ocular diseases.

The technology

Quantitative, non invasive, continuous, real-time, full light spectrum analysis for ocular oximetry.

The potential

Revolutionize the way we prevent, screen, diagnose and treat patients with ocular diseases.

non-invasive oximetry technologies revolutionizing eye care

Our technology uses the power of light to provide scientists and eye-care professionals with vital information on the metabolic state of the eye to better manage ocular diseases.

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