Improving Health by Pioneering Non-Invasive Technologies

The failure to detect diseases at an early stage has a substantial impact on visual outcomes, healthcare expenses, and overall quality of life.

What if we could intervene sooner?

The eye is a unique window into a person’s health. Zilia’s technology harnesses the power of light to assess biomarkers associated with ocular, neurological, and systemic conditions, promising to provide scientists and healthcare professionals with unparalleled clinical insights.


How Does it Work?

01. Patient Assessment

  • Light emitted from the device travels through the eye and reflects on the eye fundus.

02. Spectral Analysis

  • The light signal that returns is analyzed to provide a series of images and high-quality spectra.

03. In-depth Insight

  • Information is processed instantaneously, and user-friendly interface displays actionable biomarker data in real-time.

What is Spectroscopy?

A portion of the light reflected from the eye fundus is used for imaging while the other portion provides reflectance spectra, which act as fingerprints for the targeted tissue. These spectra are then processed in real-time for the quantification of relevant biomarkers.

Generating Value in Health Care

Eye Care

Too often, ocular diseases are detected late due to the limited sensitivity of current tools, which can only evaluate existing damage to the eye. Through the quantification of key biomarkers, eye care professionals will gain access to valuable insights, enabling earlier diagnosis, clearer prognosis, and improved treatment strategies.

eye care


Facilitating the precise measurement of ocular biomarkers empowers researchers to identify vulnerable populations, enhance disease management, and advance the development of novel therapies.

Drug Development

Through its non-invasive technological platform, Zilia delivers unparalleled data, enabling pharmaceutical companies to optimize resource allocation and accelerate the development and validation of more effective drugs.


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