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Zilia Ocular

Zilia Ocular*

Zilia Ocular is the first retinal camera that enables the continuous, absolute measurement of oxygenation in targeted regions of the retina. Zilia Ocular opens the door to new lines of investigation into metabolic responses and pathophysiologies of the eye and the brain.

*For investigational use only. Not available for sale.

Unique Technology



With its dual output, Zilia Ocular offers structural information through imaging as well as metabolic information by sensing oxygenation.



Using low-intensity white light, data acquisition can be performed quickly and comfortably.



As the metabolic activity in the eye is highly adaptive, Zilia Ocular’s continuous feature allows assessing real-time responses to diverse stimuli.



Automated positioning and focus processes increase the patient’s comfort and set the basis for data collection

Software that Streamlines Data Analysis

Reporting and Data Analysis

Particular attention has been paid to the acquisition process. A clear and intuitive interface guides the user from patient positioning to data generation. Imaging and oximetry measurements are displayed in meaningful reports designed to help healthcare professionals make better clinical decisions.

Comparison of Acquisitions

Collected data are accessible in real-time on Zilia Zone, a cloud-based environment that makes it easy to consult, extract, and manage information. It allows the user to generate reports, make comparisons, and add custom tags. As the results are well documented and stored, they can be retrieved at any time.


Zilia Ocular can be used
in various research settings

The possibilities for oxygen supply analysis are not limited to eye care. Oximetry can help in understanding complex processes in various research fields such as:




Sports Medicine


and more…

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