Empowering Healthcare Experts with Rapid, Data-Driven Insights Through Advanced Ocular Oximetry.

Our unique solution combines imaging and spectroscopy to capture previously unobtainable information, providing key insight to improve health.

Zilia Ocular

Introducing Zilia OcularTM

Zilia Ocular is a fundus camera enabling the measurement of oxygenation in targeted regions of the retina. Zilia Ocular paves the way to advance the investigation into metabolic responses and pathophysiologies of the eye and the brain.

*For investigational use only.

Unique Technology



With its dual output, Zilia Ocular offers both structural and metabolic information from the microcapillaries of the retina.



Using low-intensity light, data acquisition can be performed quickly and comfortably.



As the metabolic activity in the eye is highly adaptive, Zilia Ocular’s continuous feature allows assessing real-time responses to diverse stimuli.



Automated focusing features and smooth positioning process increases the patient’s comfort and facilitates data collection.

Software that Streamlines Data Analysis

User-Friendly Environment

A clear and intuitive interface guides the user to the final analysis.

Simplified Data Analysis

Data is accessible in real-time from any device on Zilia Zone, a secured cloud-based environment making it easy to consult, extract, and manage information. This allows for the generating of reports, making comparisons, and adding custom tags.


Zilia Ocular can be used in various research fields.

Analyzing oxygen supply provides valuable information for a multitude of research disciplines.


Primary Care




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