Non-invasive ocular oximetry tools

Full light spectrum analysis for ocular oximetry

Oxygen regulation has been linked to many important ocular diseases. Early intervention is essential to the prevention or reversion of vision loss stemming from eye diseases. Ideally, this takes place at the asymptomatic stage.

Zilia has developed an innovative platform designed to measure oxygen saturation in the eye fundus to help improve patient outcomes and reduce health care costs.

It can provide valuable information early-on in disease progression, in some cases even before irreparable damage occurs in the tissues.

The device

  • Accurate non-invasive, quantitative, real-time measurements of oxygen saturation in the eye
  • Relies on the entire visible light spectrum with analysis of up to 1024 wavelengths
  • Patent pending

The interface

  • Computer-based control of device
  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple data acquisition
  • Built- in data analysis
  • Multi-operator logins
  • Detailed activity logs and patient history
  • Copyrighted software

The report

  • Comprehensive data and patient file management
  • Support for imaging and data acquisition and comparison between patients’ visits
  • Machine learning algorithms for enhanced precision and robustness
  • Exportable results
  • Adaptable design of research protocols
  • Tracking of patient history

Retinal oximetry can provide assessments of metabolic functions of the eye fundus. Using the entire visible spectrum of light for retinal spectroscopy, Zilia’s solution provides quantitative, non-invasive and continuous measurements of oxygen saturation in the eye.

Targeted multichannel spectrometry


Zilia’s technology uses a unique targeted spectroscopy technique, which allows for oximetry measurements at a specific location on the eye fundus.

The technique provides high spectral resolution measurements over a wide spectral range, overcoming the pitfalls in reproducibility observed in standard retinal oximetry technologies.

The innovative technology developed by Zilia offers clinicians and researchers a more versatile, robust and accurate approach to assessment and early detection of ocular diseases using retinal oximetry.

Zilia’s innovative technology is currently applied in ophthalmological research and clinical settings but could also help in the understanding of various complex processes.

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Due to the eye’s relationship to the brain, and the nervous and vascular systems, ocular oximetry provides a vast array of information on functions, responses and metabolisms that take place beyond the confines of the eye. This versatility and the device’s ease-of-use make Zilia’s technology suited for various applications to be used by researchers, doctors, ophthalmologists, optometrists, nurses, technicians and physicians from the lab to the ER.